Sunday, July 11, 2010

Been a busy few days...

As far as the weekend goes, not terribly.  Finally feeling like I'm getting something done, even if it is remotely...been playing World of Warcraft again (I know, I know....but it ensures I get to "see" my husband every night, more or less) now that I have *trumpets blare* reliable internet access!  Yes folks, I have DSL!  Happy day.  It also means I can do nightly video calls, which are makes me feel a little more connected with my family.

According to my husband, the lil girl has been going through the toddler stages...separation anxiety, throwing things at dog and Daddy, trying to ride the cat - I witnessed that one when I was home, and I didn't have a video camera ready, but it was HILARIOUS.  And the temper tantrums.  She's got more of a temper than I used to have, I'll give her that.  I was, by all accounts, an abnormally calm kid who liked nothing better than to be left alone.  My daughter?  She chases the pets, harasses Daddy and steals his computer stuff whenever she gets a chance, and is perfecting her tumbling, walking/running and throwing skills...along with her find-new-ways-to-get-in-trouble skills.

I thought toddler-ism started a little...later? Maybe not?  But she sure is making great strides in it, much to my husband's dismay.  He is dealing with it as best he can...and most of the time, she's a really good kid.  She's very sweet most of the time...and I think the throwing stuff at pets and people is another experimentation phase.

See what all you other mommies get to deal with when YOURS hit a year??? That cute, trying to crawl baby will be crawling, then walking, then CLIMBING...and your ability to sit still for longer than 10 minutes without having to pull said kid out or off of will disappear.  Mine is a climber.  And a thrower.  A regular little tomboy already, and here she's a year old...I estimate my days of being able to put her in cute dresses will come to an end as soon as she realizes it's hard to climb stuff in dresses.

*sigh*  Oh well...I was a tomboy myself, so I understand.  I can still insist on cute dresses for special occasions. ;) 

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