Monday, October 4, 2010

Back in the city....

I am finally settled back in Denver with the lil girl, camping out at my brother's house because he is that awesome.  She's asleep, and I have time to here I am!  She's doing all sorts of things lately...running, talking and absolutely charming everyone she meets.

Case in point...the discovery I made today that cute baby = OMG, instant supermarket karma.  Lil girl was dressed fetchingly in a pink onesie shirt and pink leopard pants...Pink is a terrific color for her because it highlights her complexion, making her eyes and hair stand out all the more.  Then of course, she hammed it up smiling at everyone who glanced her way, and I overheard more than one person exclaim what a pretty child she is.

I had one old woman stop, do a double take and come over to smile at Marianne and say, "Oh, you look like a happy baby!"  Haha.  I can't wait to try this at the mall!  Lil girl stays with Grandma during the day (I enforce the 8-5 thing because I don't want my mom overtired, even though she begged me to leave little girl one more hour at the end of the day today.)  If my mom watching lil girl works out for the long-term, then daycare cost will be way, way lower...we will of course still pay my mom, cause she needs the cash...and lil girl provides her something to do, which is also good.

Lil girl, for her part, just LOVES her Grandma.  She never cries when I leave her with Grandma, though she did see me putting on my shoes to go to work and grabbed hers, plopping in front of me and waving her shoes at me to put them mom cracked up laughing, because she so obviously wanted to go with me...that little girl has proven to have the patience of a saint, no matter where I drag her, she's happy as a clam as long as I hold her.

I've so far taken her to and from Sterling, which she doesn't really mind as long as she's not dirty or thirsty or hungry...I've taken her to the store (see above) and I've yet to take her to the museum or the zoo or any other fun places...but I will.  Now that we are home, we will go and do the things I've wanted to share with her.

Poor kid...she gets frustrated sometimes because she doesn't know the words for what she wants, but she's amazingly good at getting her point across without saying anything...and for whatever reason...she just chooses not to speak unless she REALLY wants something...for instance, she told my brother's GF to "move!" earlier.  I didn't even know she knew the word, or what it meant, but it was clear as day, directed at A.

It's been typical of her, now that I think about it, pretty much from day 1...she never spoke, said words or anything that sounded like words unless she REALLY wanted something, and it was usually mixed in with crying.'s very interesting indeed...she talks, but only when absolutely necessary.

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