Sunday, September 19, 2010

Commuting a shorter distance...

At least, from Denver to Sterling.  I will be in a few days, when I go down to start work.  Little girl has grown up  in the last couple months I've been gone, going from semi-baby to OMG, a tiny, opinionated, sassy little...girl.  She loves Monsters Inc, and her books, she loves to crawl into any available lap, she's prone to big grins, giggles and running.

And she's also totally obsessed with her shoes!  Her Daddy and I went and got her a new pair of sneakers, since she's rapidly outgrown em and needs shoes to play outside.  So we got her a spiffy pair (pics to follow) and she LOVES THEM.  She brings them over to me and tries to undo the velcro so I can put them on her feet...and she spent time walking around in our guests' size 11 sneakers, LOL, much to everyone's amusement.

Surprisingly, or not, she actually managed to take a few steps in those gigantic shoes...she's a strong little girl, and every tumble she takes she looks up with a grin on her face.  She's a happy, happy little girl, though today she had a bad day.  She's been getting over a head cold, and she's got an upset tummy from her first adventure with a peanut butter sandwich (sadly, mine, that she got ahold of and ate half of before I could get it away from her.)  We shall say that A. she's not allergic to peanuts.  B. she loves peanut butter sammich and C. peanut butter sammich does not agree with tiny girl digestive tract.

Child eats anything and EVERYTHING.  I have seriously yet to see her turn down anything offered, though her Daddy tells me if she's not hungry or done eating or really doesn't like something, Miss Katie the Corgi (who lurks outside the edges of the kitchen like a furry little vulture) gets it.  So far, the only propensity the guys tell me is normal is her wanting...whatever you're eating.  Even if what you give her is what everyone is eating, she still wants to eat off YOUR plate.

I don't mind.  I didn't even really mind that she ate my breakfast this morning.  Her Daddy made me an omelet (he's such a NICE guy!) and I sat down next to little girl's highchair and watched her eat her cheerios and milk.  Except I went to take a bite and...cue the big brown soulful gaze, the slightly open mouth and the "but I'm hungry too!" stare.

I last about two bites.  Then I cave.  And she proceeds to eat...the ENTIRE OMELET.  It was a two egg, cheese deal.  But eat it she did, gleefully.  And then she ate the rest of her cheerios, drank half her cup of milk, and wanted down to play.  I'm officially on the "I can't turn down my kid" diet.  Where it all goes, I really have no idea.  I mean, little girl is svelte...not bony, but with rolls in all the right places...the docs say she isn't overweight, far from it, she's right on target for 14 months...about 22 lbs.

Her hair is becoming a more determinate shade of brown, with reddish and blond highlights...and it's CURLY.  Long her Daddy has.  I guess she didn't have hair long enough for us to tell before, but it definitely has a curl to it.  She's ADORABLE, a little mop-haired, brown-eyed, cherub of a kid.

Not that that's not totally Mommy pride. :)  

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