Monday, June 21, 2010


More delays in the paperwork front, but I remain optimistic.

I drove up to Silver Spring today, to take my car in for a once-over and an oil change.  I'm not sure whether the prior owner or the dealer took decent care of the car, but it drives noticeably better than it did before the oil change.  My husband suggested that my car being oil-thirsty, having a bad oil filter probably hurt it's performance a lot. 

Now the problem is, it's zoomy and happy and wants to GO...and I can't let it on any but a few select roads that are curvy with shoulders.  So my mission is to take it out at least once a day and drive it needs to be driven, and the engine revved, for it to be a happy, non-clogged car.

So say the rotary engine message boards, at any rate.  And who am I to argue about the car NEEDING to be driven to be happy?  I mean...well.  Let's face IS fun to drive!

I have some hilarious video of The Little Bit pouncing on our big fluffy black cat...sadly, I don't know why the 3gp videos won't play on a Windows machine...I suppose I can download VNC and see if that works.  If it does, I'll see if there's any sane way to post video...and if not, it'll land in my FB queue.

Anyway...back to more episodes of Jumong.  I'm glad it's a long series, since I've had plenty of time to kill lately.

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