Wednesday, June 23, 2010

First Day of Work...YAY WORK!

So today was my first day at actual work.  Yay for work.  I can't say anything about what I do or where I do it.  I'm sure there will be more lectures and forms to sign later on that reinforce that fact.  But I can talk about impressions of the place, which is really all I'm blogging about.

The work I do is really immaterial to the whole of the "wow, moving to a huge new city" experience.  It's like any other job...just located somewhere far, far away from home.

Which sucks.  On the upside, I might be able to work out a way to be home for the lil girl's first birthday...providing stuff isn't too expensive.  I hope I hope things work out...I really hope.  It'll be doubly hard to leave her, but at least I'll get one long weekend to spend at home again...and maybe that will be enough to keep me sane.  I guess it will have to be.

What I wouldn't give to have a job like this out where my house is though...anyway.

I've noticed a lot of my co-workers complain about the is VERY hot...and VERY humid.  A lot of them are envious of my living in Colorado, since dry heat is much better...I tried to explain.  Yes, out here it feels like you're walking into a shower.  In Colorado, you feel like you're walking out into a BLAST FURNACE, and the instant you open your mouth to talk, the dry heat sucks all the moisture out of you like some great cosmic kiln. is hot people.  The weather here seems to stay hot a lot more, and their winters are, with the exception of a few freak storms, extremely mild.  I also learned, to my sadness, that many of my co-workers fear for my life living where I am.  Apparently I picked the roughest of the rough side of town to live.  They advised me to break my lease and move.  They even offered to take me apartment shopping.

I explained as delicately as I could about the plethora of housing we own back in Denver, and why preserving as much moula as I could while living out here is the main reason I am living somewhere deemed "not safe."  It is the ONLY reason.  So far, I've been here a week and things have been relatively quiet.

I hope it stays that way. 

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  1. Yikes! Not good to hear you're on a bad side of town!

    That would be AMAZING if you could make it back for her first birthday - fingers crossed!