Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Pics from home!

I would post the videos (my husband sent one of little bit terrorizing the cat that's hilarious) but I can't figure out here's pictures!

She hates her car seat.  But she's basically accepted that's what she has to deal with.

The hungriest lil girl ever is hungry!  She's always had a huge appetite.

Whatcha pointin that camera at me for Daddy?

Proof that life goes lilies on the front porch are doing fantastic! (I planted em last year.)

On the waiting for news on my clearance front, I am supposed to hear something here's hoping!  I need out of this hotel room and into an apartment and a job to go to daily to distract me from the fact I'm not AT HOME with my family.  *sigh*

The saddest part about this whole thing is that I was happy with my life out there, everything except work.  My husband convinced me it was time for a change, and while I agree I needed the job change, I am sad that my skillset basically restricts me to the East or West Coast...both places where it is very hard to live, even making a good wage.

We have a beautiful old farmhouse, huge with two yards and a big old concrete porch.  It's on the edge of town, so my backyard is open farmland as far as the eye can see.  At night sometimes you can hear the cows moo as they come into pasture.  And the sky is so clear and can see all the constellations easily, without a telescope.  Its so quiet there you can hear things a few miles off, and watching a storm roll across the prarie is a wonder you only see out where there are no buildings.

It's a beautiful place, for all there are no trees except down by the riverbank.  It's so safe, we can leave our doors unlocked, and delivered packages are often left on the porch near the door.  The only real crime we have in town is drunk college students being drunk college students, and the occasional meth lab. 

There's drawbacks too, though living in a small the winter, driving is downright dangerous.  There's no public transportation outside the immediate town, and since we don't work in town it means we are forced to commute to work in Sidney, where there is no public transportation either.  There's no cuisene to speak of, seafood is an unknown substance out there except battered and fried, the nearest place to go shopping for anything but clothes is in Denver, 130 miles away. 

Daycare is a lot cheaper out there, and the daycares are in general better run.  One of the advantages of a small town is that if you're a bad daycare, you're out of business.  That pretty much goes for any restaurant and retail store, too.

There's good things and bad things about everywhere...I happen to like small town living, but the job opportunities not being there are what kills us.  It ties you into one job to stay in that one area, which sucks, and I knew after the way my prior employer started treating me they had reached the point of taking me for granted because I'd never leave.

Well, I left...and I am a little bitter about it, because I left too the life I loved so much, for a life out here I can't love in any way shape or form until my family is with me again.  Here's hoping I hear about the clearance today so I can start work tomorrow...please oh please oh please God, let me get that phone call today.

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